Healing and Dealing with Dental Phobias

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3 Types of Tooth Extractions

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There are different reasons for tooth extraction but the procedure is mainly carried out to relieve dental aches permanently. The pain can be caused by severe decay or extensive physical breakage. Dentists usually favor this procedure as it is inexpensive and quick compared to other treatment options. Your dentist may also recommend tooth extraction if you are suffering from advanced periodontal disease, crowded teeth or abscess due to cysts. There are different types of tooth extractions and the recommended procedure will depend on your dental status. Read More»

How to Prevent Red Wine from Staining Your Teeth

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Red wine is delicious, but it also suffers from the justified reputation for very quickly staining people’s teeth. This is due to its blend of natural dyes, acids, and tannins—three ingredients which easily infiltrate the micro-pores of your teeth and temporarily colour your saliva. Nobody who enjoys a nice glass of red wants to see their drink of choice reflected in their smile. Luckily, there a number of ways in which staining can be minimised. Read More»

How to Handle Dental Emergencies After Having a Hangover

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If you are waking up from a big night out, and discover that your pounding head is more than just a hangover but also includes dental pain it is time to take a trip to the emergency dentist. Here are some steps to take to recover. Don’t Drive If you have been drinking excessively the night and can’t quite remember how many standard drinks you have had, it can be better to catch a taxi or public transport to the dentist appointment. Read More»

4 Ways Dental Care Is Tailored for the Physically Disabled

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If you are physically disabled, or look after a physically disabled person, it can be challenging to organise dental care. Unfortunately dental chairs can be hard for some people to stay still in, particularly people with physical disabilities. Here are some ways to make dental care for the disabled easier. Accessibility Call the dentist and ask about accessibility. In some cases, if you are in a wheelchair, you may need to organise assistance to get lift from your chair into the dental chair, as the room where the dental work is performed is often cramped. Read More»

3 dental problems your teenager may face

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As teenagers gain their independence they are more likely to neglect their dental hygiene while munching and slurping on sugary snacks. Teenagers are at an increased risk of dental disease compared to younger children in Australia, which is of real concern as most people have their adult teeth by the age of 12. Here are three dental problems your teenager is at risk from. 1. Bleeding gums. As the hormones in your child’s body begin to surge, they will experience a greater blood flow which means they are more likely to suffer from bleeding gums. Read More»

The Truth Behind 5 Orthodontic Myths

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Whatever your age, the idea of having braces and orthodontic treatment can be scary. You shouldn’t worry, though. You are in good hands. There are a lot of beliefs surrounding the use and wearing of braces, but not all of them are true. Here is the truth behind four orthodontic myths. Braces can set off metal detectors at airports. You may think that because you feel like you have a mouth full of metal (at least at first), that those metal detectors are sure to go off when you go through airport security. Read More»