Healing and Dealing with Dental Phobias

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Can You Get a Root Canal When You're Using Clear Aligners?

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Invisalign and other clear aligners (also called invisible braces) can involve anywhere from six months to two years of use. They’re typically faster than traditional braces, but you’re still going to be wearing them for a reasonable period of time. So what happens if you need a root canal during this time? Root Canal Treatment A root canal is needed when the tooth’s pulp (which is its nerve) has become inflamed and infected to the point that recovery is no longer possible. Read More»

2 Primary Causes of Teeth Discolouration

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It’s relatively common knowledge that discoloured teeth can kill your self-esteem and confidence. But did you know that the problem can also indicate a threat to your gums? If your teeth discolouration problem results from poor lifestyle habits and dental hygiene, you might be prone to cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis. Luckily, most teeth stains are easily removed through a teeth whitening procedure. But understanding the potential causes of teeth discolouration is your first step toward effective treatment. Read More»

Death in Dentistry: Does a Dead Tooth Need Any Treatment?

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The part of your teeth that you can actually see is the crown — which is the portion of the tooth that has erupted from your gums. This crown is covered in dental enamel, which acts as the tooth’s protective casing. Beneath this enamel is dentin, which forms most of the tooth’s physical mass. At the centre of this dentin is the tooth’s dental pulp (its nerve). There are usually clear signs when this pulp becomes infected, namely noticeable (and worsening) discomfort. Read More»