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Top Reasons Why You Are Losing Your Tooth Enamel

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One of the issues that can weaken the structure of your smile and increase the probability of facing issues like tooth sensitivity is enamel erosion. Note that enamel is the topmost layer of your tooth that acts as an insulating barrier. Its primary function is to protect the tooth from thermal, chemical and physical forces that can injure the tooth tissue and underlying pulp. However, when enamel erosion occurs, one becomes more susceptible to tooth decay, dental cracks or chips and other infections. As such, learning what causes enamel loss can protect or repair your damaged smile. 

Taking Sugary Foods Or Beverages Regularly

Although sugary meals may be suitable for your taste buds, they will eat away the enamel, especially if you consume them regularly. Fortunately, enamel erosion takes a while, so if you reduce or eliminate such foods or drinks from your diet, you'll avert the erosion of the tooth-protective layer. On the other hand, if you must take these foods, brush afterwards or rinse your teeth with mouthwash so the sugar doesn't sit for long.

Failing To Maintain Dental Hygiene

Your oral cavity accommodates hundreds of bacteria. Note that some facilitate and safeguard the oral system from infection, while others cause conditions like gingivitis and cavities. In this case, the harmful bacteria are those that like to feed on the food particles left by the meals you take. As they consume these particles, they produce acid, which will become plaque once it mixes with saliva and bacteria. Further, the plaque has many bacteria that attack the teeth's protective layer. Although the loss of enamel will take a while, it will ultimately occur when you fail to prioritize dental hygiene. For this reason, you should brush daily so that the bacteria in your mouth don't get an opportunity to form plaque and cause enamel loss.

Grinding Teeth

Another issue that can cause enamel erosion is teeth grinding. This often happens when one is asleep, but some still grind their teeth when awake. If you have this problem, the protective layer of your teeth will wear out whether you gnash or clench at night or during the day. In severe cases, bruxism causes other damage like cracks or chips. So, if you or your loved one grinds teeth, get a mouth guard to protect and avoid enamel erosion. A dental expert can even provide customized mouthguards for better protection.

Now that you know a few reasons you might experience the erosion of the enamel, you are better positioned to care for your teeth. So, adhere to the precautionary measures to retain your healthy smile for longer. Consult a dentist for more tips to help ensure healthy enamel.