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How to Manage Teeth Whitening Sensitivity

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If you have ever undergone a teeth whitening procedure, then you likely experienced discomfort and pain when drinking some hot or cold drinks. The feeling is known as tooth sensitivity and is usually a side effect of teeth whitening. Remember that such discomfort does not lead to any permanent teeth damage. Also, tooth sensitivity, when appropriately managed, lasts for a very short time. Teeth sensitivity depends on several factors, including the recent teeth whitening procedures, the characteristics of the person's teeth, and the strength of the teeth whitening chemicals. Keep reading to know more about teeth whitening sensitivity.

Causes of Teeth Whitening Sensitivity -- Teeth whitening is often done using over-the-counter products or through a dental procedure performed by a dental expert. Teeth whitening products comprise hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient for bleaching teeth, which is known to irritate tooth nerves. The irritation leads to a tingling sensation and cold or hot sensitivity.

Stay Away From Certain Drinks and Foods -- If you have recently undergone a teeth whitening procedure, either via laser whitening, bleaching tray, or zoom whitening, then you need to lay off certain foods and beverages. Avoid products that are very cold, hot, or acidic because they can exacerbate teeth sensitivity and associated pain. It is best to avoid the intake of such foods and drinks until the painful sensitivity goes away.

Post-Treatment Care -- After performing a teeth whitening treatment, you can combat teeth sensitivity using a tooth sensitivity gel or toothpaste. Such post-treatment care can soothe your teeth and nerves and reduce pain and discomfort. Teeth sensitivity can last a few days; hence, it is recommended to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth during treatment and switch back to your usual toothpaste when the sensitivity dissipates. 

Huge Gaps, Lower Concentration -- One reason why many people experience teeth whitening sensitivity is the high frequencies of such cosmetic procedures. Besides, the use of high concentration whitening agents can lead to tooth sensitivity. You should give your teeth a rest for at least a couple of months between each teeth whitening session. Also, the amount of bleach differs between different whitening products. Professional-grade products are laden with high concentrations of bleach because they are intended for use during one session. On the other hand, bleaching trays for home use have a low concentration of chemicals because the kits are supposed to be used multiple times. Always consult a dental professional about teeth whitening intervals and the types of products or procedures ideal for your teeth. 

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