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Top Reasons That Lead To Tooth Decay

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Tooth decay is a complete nightmare for many people. A lot of things contribute to tooth decay, beginning with loss of minerals that are found within the teeth to bad eating habits. Sugary food contains acidic substances which, when trapped between your teeth, weaken the enamel resulting in tooth decay. Thus, the more sugar you consume, the higher the chances of having tooth decay.  Understanding the main causes of tooth decay is important so that you can employ the necessary measures to ensure that your teeth are better protected. Here are some of the most common causes of tooth decay.  

Poor Oral Hygiene 

Oral hygiene generally involves a lot of things from brushing your teeth after meals, regular flossing, brushing your tongue and making use of mouth wash. Brushing your teeth after every meal is very important if you want to enhance your oral hygiene, although sometimes you may not get the chance to do that due to your schedule or other activities. Dentists recommend brushing at least twice per day to get rid of any substances that may lead to tooth decay.  

Enamel Issues and Cracks 

You are susceptible to tooth decay if you have enamel problems or if you have some cracks in your teeth. After eating a sugary snack, some of the particles embed themselves in those cracks, thus providing bacteria and plague with a place to thrive. You may consider seeking the help of a dentist to fill up the cracks with dental sealants in order to eliminate the chances of having tooth decay. 

Bad Eating Habits

Most dental issues are a result of bad eating habits, regardless of age. Some of the snacks that you consume every day contain very high levels of sugar and carbohydrates. Avoiding these kinds of foods could help you prevent dental issues by a great percentage since they contain the acid substances that contribute to tooth decay. It is therefore very important to adopt healthy eating behaviours if you want to maintain your teeth for a brighter smile. 

Having a Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can increase your vulnerability to tooth decay. This is because there is not enough saliva to prevent bacteria from growing in your mouth. A dry mouth can be a result of using a prescribed drug or due to some health issues such as diabetes. Seeing a dentist early enough when you realize you have a dry mouth could save you from having tooth problems. 


Just like you inherit some of your body features through genetics, the type of teeth and their vulnerability to tooth decay is not an exception. You may find that your family lineage has a history when it comes to tooth decay. In these instances, all you need to do is seek the help of a professional dentist to guide you.

Visiting a dentist regularly could help a lot but you also need to ensure that you observe hygiene and keep away from things that may lead to tooth decay.