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Fun facts only your dentist knows

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If you think dental clinic visits are boring, you're wrong. In fact, next time you're at your dental clinic, test your knowledge by answering the questions below. Then have a chat with your dentist and ask them to tell you the strangest thing they've ever learned at work. You might be surprised by what you learn!

Here are some little known facts most dentists know, but haven't shared with everyone else.

What your dentist knows about germs

  • What is the optimal distance to store your toothbrush from the toilet?

Just under two metres, or the length of a tall friend stretched out across your bathroom floor. Why? When you flush, particles enter the air. Store your toothbrush any closer, and you risk it being contaminated.

  • Toothbrush cap: on or off?

Off! Bacteria just love to multiply in moist environments.

  • How many types of bacteria are in tooth plaque?

There are a whopping 300!

What your dentist knows about dental floss

  • Do you really need to floss?

Yes! Floss lets you get to the third of the surfaces of your teeth that you can't reach with your brush.

  • The material dental floss was first made from?

It was first made from silk.

  • Most innovative use of dental floss?

A jail break by a prisoner in the USA during the 1990's, who used a rope of plaited dental floss to help him over the jail walls.

What your dentist knows about mouths

  • Is your tongue unusual?

Yes, it has its own tongue print.

  • What's the strongest substance in your body?

Your tooth enamel is the strongest substance.

  • Do snails have teeth?

Careful! Snails can have up to 25,000 teeth.

What your dentist knows about laughs and smiles

  • How many times do you laugh each day?

Children laugh 400 times, while adults laugh only 15.

  • How many times do you smile?

Men smile 8 times, and women a whopping 62.

  • Do you say cheese?

You'd better! People who smile in photographs are more likely to do well at work and in marriage than those who don't.

Dentists have a pretty special view of the world. Your dentist has a unique view of you, too. Who else views you upside down while gazing into your mouth? So whether it's time for a check up, you suspect have a dental problem, or something just doesn't feel quite right about your pearly whites, pop along to a dental clinic like Care Dental. Your dentist is sure to know the answer and will have it sorted out in no time.