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Choosing a Cereal Which Will Protect Your Child's Teeth

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The fight against decay and cavities should begin as soon as your kid wakes up in the morning. The breakfast you feed to your child can have a significant impact on their dental health. If you have a busy day ahead, you may be tempted to pour any old cereal into a bowl with some milk. However, not all cereals are created equal, and some will have a negative impact on your child's oral health. Below is a guide to 4 things you should consider when choosing a bowl of cereal for your kid's breakfast.


Foods which contain high levels of fibre help to promote the generation of saliva in the mouth. Saliva plays a key role in combating the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. By choosing cereal that has a high fibre content, you can help to protect your kid's teeth and gums.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B helps to prevent the development of gum disease. If you are looking for cereal which is high in vitamin B, you should look for one which contains whole grains. Whole grains also contain plenty of iron, which will help to protect the teeth against cavities. 


Protein plays a vital role in the development of childhood teeth. Protein also contains large volumes of phosphorus, which helps with the development of the jaw bone which supports the teeth and gums. You should check that the cereal you choose contains the highest level of protein possible.


Of course, sugar is not good for your child's dental health and will increase the chance that your kid will suffer from tooth decay and gum disease. For this reason, you should avoid cereal which contains a large amount of sugar. There is now a range of cereals on the market which contains reduced levels of sugar or artificial sweeteners. If your child has a sweet tooth, they can still enjoy their breakfast. Simply find cereal which contains plenty of fibre, vitamin B and protein but no sugar and then sweeten it yourself. An easy way to do this is to add fruit. As well as providing a hint of natural sweetness to their breakfast, fruit also provides nutrients such as malic acid and potassium.

By introducing a healthy breakfast cereal to your child's morning routine, you can protect their oral health and make sure their teeth and gums are healthy and strong. If you would like further information, you should contact your dentist today.