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5 Benefits of Using Acrylic Instead of Porcelain for Your False Teeth

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When you need to wear dentures, you'll often be given a choice between using a denture that is implanted with acrylic false teeth or a denture that is implanted with porcelain false teeth. Porcelain is more expensive, which often leads people to assume that it is the superior material. However, acrylic false teeth actually come with a whole host of benefits.

Here are just five.

1. Acrylic False Teeth Are More Durable

Porcelain is actually much harder than acrylic, but this doesn't make it more durable. Porcelain is actually quite a brittle material. If you bring your teeth down against each other sharply or accidently bite down on something solid, your false teeth are far more likely to fracture or chip if they're made from porcelain.  

2. Acrylic False Teeth Reduce Bone Reabsorption

Probably the most serious reason for picking acrylic over porcelain for your false teeth is the fact that porcelain is a lot heavier. This means that your dentures will need to take more pressure, especially when you're eating. That force gets transferred to the supporting bone that lies beneath the gum line. Unfortunately, this causes excessive bone reabsorption, which can eventually make wearing dentures impossible. Bone loss will occur when you wear any kind of dentures, but the reduced weight of acrylic false teeth will significantly slow down the process.

3. Acrylic False Teeth Are Quieter

Quietness might not seem like an important factor when you're considering false teeth, but it actually is. Many users find that porcelain false teeth make a noticeable clacking sound when they meet each other. This can become embarrassing if you are eating a meal with company, but it's a problem you can avoid encountering simply by choosing acrylic false teeth instead.

4. Acrylic False Teeth Are Less Likely to Debond

Even if you should choose to have porcelain false teeth instead of acrylic ones, the base of your dentures is almost certainly going to be made from acrylic. This is an important concern; porcelain may become debonded to the denture base, which will require a repair. Since acrylic false teeth will be made from the same material as the denture base, debonding will be far less likely to occur.

5. Acrylic False Teeth Are Less Likely to Move Around

The fact that acrylic false teeth are lighter than porcelain ones isn't just good news for the bones that used to support your teeth. The fact that acrylic false teeth are so light means that it is more comfortable to speak for extended periods, and the dentures are also more likely to stay firmly in place.