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4 Tricks To Overcome Your Fear Of Getting A Filling

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Preparing for a cavity filling can be daunting when you don't know what to expect, especially with the perceived fear of pain. Overcoming your fear of your visit to the dentist will help you better prepare for your cavity filling appointment, so make sure you follow these tricks for a better experience.

Talk To Your Dentist About Your Fear

You will need to discuss your fear with the dentist, so that you are able to get more information about the procedure to help alleviate your fears. For instance, some people fear the sound of dental drills, while others fear the pain that might arise from the filling process. Consider the source of your fear and talk to your dentist about it. Dentists will be able to run you through the procedure if they know where your fear is coming from to help minimise it as best as possible. Good dentist communication can help reduce your fear drastically.  

Lessen Your Stress Before Your Appointment

Find a way to relax before your cavity filling appointment with the dentist. Keeping yourself distracted is a good way to reduce your fear of the filling. For instance, just before your appointment, you could listen to your favourite music to make your feel relaxed. You can practice some breathing exercises to help reduce your nervousness. You can also watch a television show or program in the minutes leading up to your appointment to lessen your stress and get your mind off the cavity filling.

Don't Take Any Anti-Stress Medication To Reduce Your Anxiety

No matter how afraid you are, don't make the mistake of taking any anti-stress medication before your cavity filling appointment with the dentist. Similarly, stay away from any drugs or alcohol before your appointment. All these factors can interfere with the anaesthetic medication prescribed for your procedure, which in turn can be dangerous for your overall health. Find out whether certain medications are safe to take or not before your appointment.

Ask For The Earliest Appointment In The Day

If you're anxious about your cavity filling appointment with the dentist, ask for the earliest appointment in the day because this gives you less time to worry about it. Getting over with your dental cavity filling appointment as soon as possible will help you move on with your life without letting fear get the better of you for too long.

Follow these key tricks to overcome your fear of getting your cavity filled at the dentist (like those at Collins Dental Image).