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How You Can Get New Dentures with The Help of a Dentist

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Getting a severe toothache is one of the worst real life horrors! Despite all trying medications, the toothache won't just go away. If your dentist recommends the right solution to your dental problems as having the affected tooth removed and be replaced by new dentures, then it is vital to understand what happens next. The following explains the general process of getting dentures at the denture clinic:

Tooth removal and healing

Before even considering which type of dentures you should have, the dentist evaluates your current dental condition and then decides on the best tooth extraction procedures. Where you have some teeth remaining, you will be advised on the time it will take for your gums to heal, but this depends on how many teeth have to be removed.

Immediate or gradual dentures

Your dentist can choose to make immediate dentures or wait after some days when the gums have healed. After tooth extraction has been done, the affected gum will get sore and this means that it will take some time to heal for the dentures to be placed. For the immediate dentures, they can be worn as the healing process continues but this requires you to follow the dentist's advice for the new denture to firmly integrate with the new dentures.

Choosing the right dentures

Before picking your dentures, the dentist first examines the affected gum so as to find the right denture that can replicate the nearby remaining teeth. With the dentist's help, you can also choose the right tooth shapes, sizes and colors that can look right on you. The advantage here is that if there is anything that you didn't like about your former tooth, this is the right stage to improve it. Once you are contented with your new denture selection, the dentist will proceed to install them in place of the extracted tooth.

The initial denture fitting

At this stage, the dentures which you selected will first be tested in your mouth to see if they are fitting to the remaining gum. If they fit rightly, then you will have to wear them until your next appointment with the dentist. At the next visit, your dentist will re-examine the dentures and if needed, adjustments will be made to ensure that they fit firmly well in their position in case they got misplaced. If necessary, you will be asked to keep returning for more check-ups to ensure that you get accustomed to use your dentures.

The easiest way to get accustomed to your new dentures is by following the dentist's advice about the appropriate dental care for your new dentures. You will be advised to buy specialised toothbrushes or floss strings to use while cleaning your dentures. This and a lot of other advice, if followed properly, will help you to use your new dentures the same way like your natural teeth.

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