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Regaining Necessary Functions: How Implant Overdentures Overcome Dietary Limitations

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It's shocking, but 21% of Australian adults over the age of 65 did not have any natural teeth in 2010, according to a report conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Although losing teeth is a natural part of aging, it can become quite a huge hindrance to one's quality of living – particularly, one's ability to consume certain foods and absorb sufficient nutrients. Getting dentures can help, but there are still some limitations involved with using dentures. The newly designed implant overdentures are able to overcome many limitations.

What Are Implant Overdentures?

Implant overdentures are slightly different from regular dentures. The denture fits over any remaining natural teeth that are present or any dental implants that have been installed previously. Since implant overdentures are often installed on top of implants, they take advantage of the existing root posts to provide maximum retention and an increase in function. Because implant overdentures are firmly rooted to the implants, the dentures are secured and are kept from being moved or dislodged. This is the primary benefit of choosing implant overdentures over regular dentures.

How Do Implant Overdentures Overcome Dietary Limitations?

Regular dentures do not offer the same amount of retention or stability as implant overdentures. As a result, patients need to be extremely careful when using dentures to prevent causing any damages. Implant overdentures are able to tolerate more wear thanks to the enhanced retention qualities offered by their unique design. The question on your mind is probably how implant overdentures are able to overcome dietary limitations.

Since patients with dentures need to be cautious when using regular dentures, they tend to avoid certain foods that are rich in essential nutrients because those foods are harder to chew. Patients wearing implant overdentures, on the other hand, are not limited in this respect, and are more likely to take in nutrients through fresh, whole fruits and vegetables.

In short, implant overdentures allow patients to consume fresh ingredients without worrying about chipping their dentures because implant overdentures will not get dislodged easily unlike regular dentures. Although implant overdentures do not increase the amount of nutrients that are absorbed, they ensure that patients are able to enjoy healthier and more nutrient-rich sources of ingredients.


Losing teeth is a natural part of aging, and getting dentures can help you regain necessary functions, such as chewing. Opt for implant overdentures if you want to still be able to enjoy fresh ingredients, like fruits and vegetable, in your meals. Talk to someone like the Denture Doctor to learn more.