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How to Handle Dental Emergencies After Having a Hangover

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If you are waking up from a big night out, and discover that your pounding head is more than just a hangover but also includes dental pain it is time to take a trip to the emergency dentist. Here are some steps to take to recover.

Don't Drive

If you have been drinking excessively the night and can't quite remember how many standard drinks you have had, it can be better to catch a taxi or public transport to the dentist appointment. There is no point adding a DUI to your list of woes, and it can take many hours to fully eliminate the alcohol from your system.

Can you remember what happened?

It can help the dentist to know exactly what happened. If you can't quite remember it can be useful to call your friends and see if they can recall a specific incident where you started complaining about sore teeth. They will still be able to treat your teeth, but a summary of what happened will certainly help them to know how to begin the treatment process.

Where is it hurting exactly?

Take a quick glance at your teeth and mouth and see if you can work out the source of the pain. It may be an obviously missing or crack tooth or a less noticeable injury. This is also useful for your dentist to help work out the nature of the damage you have.

It's time to be honest

Be sure to let your dentist know that you have an alcohol related injury and you may still have alcohol in your system. This can help your dentist to work out the best treatment as some medication options can interact with alcohol, particularly pain medications. If you are feeling a little queasy from the hangover, this can be valuable for the dentist to know as well as it can influence how they perform any treatments or which route they will take to numb the pain.

You should also let the dentist know if you are a heavy regularly drinker as heavy drinking is a risk factor for oral cancer and it may be advisable to regularly screen for cancers if this is the case.

Good luck with the dental treatment, and hopefully you will be feeling better soon. No matter the circumstance, consult with local dental emergency clinics like Adelaide Dental Emergency for proper and prompt dental treatment.