Healing and Dealing with Dental Phobias

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5 Ways That Custom Whitening Trays Are Superior to OTC Trays

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Teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to transform your smile. But not all whitening methods are equal. In fact, if you whiten your own teeth without the help of a dentist, your whitening results could be negligible. Worse, you could damage your teeth and gums if you whiten your teeth the wrong way. Although custom whitening trays are more expensive than OTC (over-the-counter) trays, they are superior in many ways. Read More»

When Would You Choose Cement-Retained Dental Implant Crowns Over Screw-Retained Implant Crowns?

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Both cement-retained and screw-retained crowns have been used with dental implants for years. And while most dentists prefer to use screw-retained implant crowns, in some cases that isn’t possible. And, as the patient, you can choose between these two types of crown retention methods. You and your dentist might prefer cement-retained crowns in the following situations. You value aesthetics above all else Some patients and dentists choose cement-retained crowns because the dental implant is positioned in the smile zone. Read More»

Preparation Tips for Emergency Dental Care

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Some oral issues cannot wait for a dentist’s appointment. For instance, if you have unbearable pain, a knocked-out tooth or a pimple-like swelling, you need to immediately see an emergency dentist. That said, proper preparation is vital before arriving at an emergency dental clinic, especially if it far from your home. This article highlights preparation tips for emergency dental care. Keep reading for more insight. Describe the Extent of Bleeding Read More»